Working Together during COVID-19

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CFNKY New Operational Procedures Starting Nov. 21, 2020!

IMPORTANT: Let’s help keep our community as healthy as possible.
If you come into contact, contracted COVID, or been quarantined, please notify Andrew, Kendra, Mike, or Jenn immediately so we can take the necessary steps in protecting the rest of our community. Also, if you are feeling sick, have a temperature, or just not yourself please consider staying home until you feel healthy again. Thank you!

Letter to our CFNKY Family

To our faithful members, community, family,

Let’s just start by saying “quarantine fifteen” does not apply to CFNKY. Y’all have kept at it through all the 2020 madness and we’re going to finish strong.

Due to some new restrictions put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 we are going to adjust our operation. Our goal is to continue to create an environment where we can stay mentally and physically healthy but adhere to state guidelines and maintain the safest space we can. As always, your participation at CFNKY has to be your decision and at your comfort level. Additionally, I think more than a few of us are concerned about what the Thanksgiving gatherings will do to the statewide numbers which will dictate the duration of the current plan or additional restrictions. 


  • We will be moving to an “Open Gym” environment. There will be a staff member available for safety and support. There will be a programmed WOD on the board if you need some ideas on what to do.
  • We will ask that you limit your time in the gym to one hour including time to clean your equipment/area.
  • Class capacity will be limited and you will have to register through ZenPlanner. This will also facilitate contact tracing if needed.
  • If space is available you may spend additional time in open gym.
  • We will be adding to our hours of operation to increase your access to the gym.
  • Maintain social distancing to greater than six feet.

We are hopeful that operating with-in the state restrictions will allow us to avoid another shutdown. That said, please DO NOT come to the gym if you have any symptoms of illness. If you have slight symptoms but you feel good enough to exercise (go for a run, do 100 burpees, etc.) ask us for an at home workout…DO NOT come to the gym. We will miss you but we will welcome you back when you are symptom free. If you test positive for COVID-19 or have a close contact with someone who tests positive, please remember your gym mates as you go through contact tracing. We can help you track down people who were in the gym with you.

Reach out to any of us if you have questions and know that we don’t have a roadmap for this but we will work through issues as they arise. If ANYONE needs ANYTHING you let us know.

Jenn, Mike, Kendra, Andrew

Other Procedures

  1. Register online for a class (18 hrs window).
  2. Come dressed and ready prior to class. According to Kentucky Health at Work, all members or visitors should wear a mask unless you have a health issue preventing you from wearing a mask.
  3. Stay in your car until your scheduled TIME and make sure to check in on Zen Planner.
  4. Enter the building through front doors only.
  5. Please do not linger in the lobby or any common areas in the gym
  6. If you are feeling sick or been in contact with someone who has been sick please do not come to class. Check your temp prior to class if possible.
  7. Wash hands regularly. Clean any points of contact on equipment and tidy up prior to leaving.
  8. Wash hands before leaving and exit through side double green doors.

Recommendations and Things to Remember

  1. Six feet – social distancing
  2. Do not gather in groups within the gym and recommended outside of the gym area.
  3. Please no food, drink, or extra belongs aside for a water bottle and towel (pre-workout is fine).
  4. Wash (scrub) your hands before and after each class for at least 20 seconds.
  5. Clean your equipment thoroughly after the class. (Consider any areas of contact you may have had during your workout)
  6. Feel sick? Please, stay home. Please do not come to the gym. If you have been in contact with anyone who is sick especially with Covid please let Andrew, Kendra, Mike, or Jenn know immediately.

Disinfecting our Facility

We have recently changed cleaning supplies to make sure our disinfectant covers the COVID-19. We will continue to clean daily but we ask that all our members clean any points of contact they have had during their time at the gym.

At Home Workouts

If you are unable to come to the gym or in the event we have to temporarily close the gym please be sure to follow us on Instagram and FB for any updates regarding Home Workouts but we have also compiled a variety of Home Workouts from various places and a few of our own.

Most of these workouts need no equipment but can easily be changed for use with equipment.