A Program to Fit Everyone’s Needs

A Program to Fit Everyone's Needs

We have classes for all skill levels and events every year for our CFNKY family!

We understand CrossFit can be intimidating, however, we promise to take care of you. Our community is the best and whether you are new or seasoned we are all in this together. CrossFit for beginners starts you off with our Elements course. It's your first five classes where you learn some of CrossFit's foundational movements.

Our CrossFit classes are designed to to challenge every athlete regardless of skill or ability. These classes are offered daily and will guarantee that you will be looking and feeling great!

This class is designed for our competitive athlete. The class will cover more technical movements, skills and workouts. If you are a current member looking to challenge youself, then this is a class for you.

Join us every Saturday for our FREE Community Class. This class is for everyone including those brand new athletes . This is a great class to invite friends and family every Saturday for a group CrossFit class. This class is designed to challenge all levels and yet showcase what CrossFit is about...fun and community!

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