November 1, 2012

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  • Hi I’m interested in checking out the gym. I’m a former athlete.. I’m a athletics coach and a retired marine ( med issues) former power lifter so I do have gym experience. I’ve been dieting and lost some weight over last 6 months. I let my body go and put on over 100 pounds. Not sure my weight now but I’ve went from like a size 48\50 to a 40 in pants. I am more active as I’ve returned to working. I stretch and try to push myself daily now as I’m a delivery guy for Amazon. I just got a job at a marketing firm and I know it will be less physical so I need to get back in the gym. It’s been like 3 years since I trained daily. I used to be a pr machine but let injuries and a weak mentality defeat me. I am looking for a gym to call home. Cross fit looks to bring my power lifting experience and combines it with the military style training we did (appears)?? I am very interested in checking it out.

    • Yes we do.
      Military Discount Membership – $90/month
      Membership option includes unlimited access to CrossFit, Competition/Skills Class, and open gym. Take advantage of all these great opportunities to improve your health and your fitness. Must present Military id.

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