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New to CrossFit?

The best way to start CrossFit is in our Elements Class.  Each class consists of skill training, followed by a workout, including discussion of as much of the theory and practice of CrossFit, performance and nutrition as the training session allows. The workouts begin gently and build in skill demands and difficulty. Your mission is to be ready to join regular CrossFit workouts in our gym! Your first five days of CrossFit will be the Elements class.

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What to Expect Of Your First Workout

You may have gotten the impression that CrossFit is strictly the province of elite athletes and warriors. That impression is false. It is in fact the most advanced general fitness training in the world. But the training which gets the best adaptation for advanced athletes, also gets the best adaptation for the de-conditioned, the untrained, the elderly, or complete beginners. We adapt the movements and workloads to each individual, but the methodology must remain the same. This methodology is also the optimal way to prepare you for CrossFit workouts. (It doesn’t make sense to try to prepare by using a less effective method; the best preparation is to come here and get started. We have successfully started people less prepared than you!)

Your first workout will include three body weight movements, all of which you can almost certainly perform. Nonetheless, they will challenge you. If you are indeed a fit, strong athlete, you’ll blaze through the workout, but it will still give you a sharp dose of conditioning and you’ll likely be sore. More importantly, you’ll start to learn how we administer workouts: our exacting standards, our rigorous attention to detail, our methods of teaching and interacting with people, our understanding and knowledge of human movement.

We are looking to see how you move: we are identifying characteristic strengths and weaknesses. We are learning how teachable you are — gathering data for how we’re going to train you in the future. This is our process of ‘shaking hands’ and getting to know you. We are also taking a careful measure of your strength and conditioning, a measure that will be taken again, four weeks later, to show with irrefutable numbers just how much you’ve improved.