Five rounds for time of:

95/65 pound Shoulder press, 5 reps

95/65  pound Push press, 10 reps

95/65 pound Push jerk, 15 reps

Post time to comments.

No hips or legs in shoulder press, no jerking the push-press, focus on technique.

One of the questions that we get asked very regularly is, “is CrossFit like P90X?”  The P90X is obviously more mainstream  than Crossfit. If you have cable or satellite tv you can find the infomercial for P90X.   I have not explored the program outside of what I have seen on the infomercials  but I did try it a couple times but working out in front of the television was not my cup of tea. Here is what  the folks from Catalyst Athletics  Crossfit wrote about the differences.

Crossfit Vs. P90X

P90x-extreme-home-fitness-canada What’s the difference?  Well, a lot. Some say, not much.  They have a lot in common, and they’re closer to one another than, say, the average gym-goers ‘routine’ of machines and cardio.

Crossfit-forging-small First off, neither of these methodologies are unique.  Both draw from a wide variety of more original sources.  In Crossfit’s case, it’s gymnastics, weightlifting, sprinting, powerlifting, and kettlebells; in the case of P90X, it’s Yoga, bodybuilding, and martial arts.  All good stuff.  full article

4 Responses to “WOD- SP,PP,PJ

  • Emily
    15 years ago

    5 Rounds:
    65 pound Shoulder press, 5 reps

    65 pound Push press, 10 reps

    65 pound Push jerk, 15 reps

    Time – 15:05

  • Good article about P90X vs Crossfit-I get asked that a lot-

    SPx5, PPx10, PJx15 at 55# x5 rounds= 16:49

  • Armando
    15 years ago

    95 pound Shoulder press, 5 reps

    95 pound Push press, 10 reps

    95 pound Push jerk, 15 reps

    Time 12:39

  • Good to work with everyone!!!
    55# SP 5
    55# PP 10
    55# PJ 15