Rest Day

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  • Found some great on-line Zone resources (recipes):



    (it’s not free, you have to pay, but it seems kinda neat!)

  • Lucas, I just finished up a great WOD at PCF that Underground would definitely get a thrill from:
    For time:
    40 Pushups
    5 Push Jerks M:115#/W:95#
    30 Pushups
    10 Push Jerks
    20 Pushups
    15 Push Jerks
    10 Pushups
    20 Push Jerks

    I got it done in 8:43. It takes a lot of mental discipline to keep that weight racked and not drop it. It sucks cleaning that thing over and over again. Give it a shot.

  • Wendy
    15 years ago

    Wow- my shoulders are hurting today from my HSPU (on the bench). Through the pain, I continue to work at it as I hang off of the couch.
    In Crossfit, hard work pays off, we’ll do HSPU soon enough!