5 thoughts on “WOD

  • Great to be back with the 6am class…great work for everybody this morning…awesome job from Emily n Alicia on the 25/50/75 WOD from early this week!!!

    Time 12:35 for today’s WOD

    By the way is always a pleasure to workout with Chris!!

  • Tough WOD today.
    75# Thrusters?? Pssssssshhhhh, please!

    Well color me over confident! No real thrust for the thrusters and the double-unders rapidly turned into doubled-overs (gasping for air)


    Still a great workout. Good work by all today!

    Armando getting the hang of DU’s…the chinks in his armor are getting smaller and smaller. 🙂

  • Got a few consecutive DU’s tonight during practice, felt good about that. I like the new jump ropes.

    5 rounds
    21 thrusters 55#
    84 single unders

    Time: 14:33

  • Nice WOD today.
    not a good time but was fun and painfull !!! Good to see new people at UF today . keep bringing more people !!!!

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