For time:
10 Deadlift
Sprint 25 meters
9 Deadlift
Sprint 50 meters
8 Deadlift
Sprint 100 meters
7 Deadlift
Sprint 200m sprint
6 Deadlift
Sprint 300 meters
5 Deadlift
Sprint 400 meters
4 Deadlift
Sprint 500 meters
3 Deadlift
Sprint 600 meters
2 Deadlift
Sprint 700 meters
1 Deadlift
Sprint 800 meters
Post time to comments.

4 Responses to “WOD

  • Moses
    14 years ago

    Nice WOD. Tough, but nice.
    Looks much less daunting when it’s just sitting there looking at you on the white board. Don’t they all? 🙂

    DL’s @ 185#


    Big ups to Lucas for being my running partner this morning!!

  • Karin
    14 years ago

    Time 22:38

    DL’s @ 85#

    Hey Luiggi! If you get a chance will you bring the tape for my wrist?

  • 95 # Dead lifts
    Time: 21:33

    Perfect weather for 5:30pm class today-

  • Luiggi
    14 years ago

    i will get the tape tomorrow !!!!
    unable to make it today. didn’t sleep overnight on call !!! and taking driving classes 6-10 today.
    Hey guy’s don’t forget that my birthday party is next saturday and everybody is invited, even the ones that i don’t know !!! good way to party together. At Bona Vita restaurant saturday after 8 pm . newport the levi exit , on Belvue in front the fire department. bring drinks and i will put the food !!!! They make good pizza !!!! nice italian family restaurant that will close at 8 or 9 and will be open for the party. let me know if you can make it by text or let Lucas know . my cell :