4 thoughts on “WOD

  • Monday morning wake up call!!!!!

    6 rounds
    Total pull ups: 62
    Breakdown by round: 14-12-10-7-9-10
    **white band**

  • 8 rounds / 66 pull ups
    (+1 400m)

    This may need verification…I can’t remember exactly what that board said..busy searching for oxygen.

  • 7rounds
    Total pull-ups 95

    Thanks to Luky for the support…how much I hate to work out by my self!!

  • “Nicole”
    6 rounds
    28/21/18/15/13/3 (something like that)
    total 98
    previous 92
    girls at 4:30 are tough they give the max and runs well
    I felt more push than WO with Armando and chris !!!!
    3 Am and still working Let see how I feel after 5

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