CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep

Shoulder Press, 1 rep

Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.

Love eggs for Breakfast

From Drop Box

Adults Who Eat Eggs for Breakfast Lose 65% More Weight New research confirms that eating eggs boosts a healthy weight loss plan Park Ridge, Ill. (August 05, 2008) – A study published online today in the International Journal of Obesity shows that eating two eggs for breakfast, as part of a reduced-calorie diet, helps overweight adults lose more weight and feel more energetic than those who eat a bagel breakfast of equal calories. i This study supports previous research, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, which showed that people who ate eggs for breakfast felt more satisfied and ate fewer calories at the following meal.   more…

6 Responses to “WOD

  • Last CF Total: 3/20/2009 – I don’t know what my last score was, but I know it was disappointing, I think around 280-300.

    Back Squat: 150
    Shoulder Press: 65 PR
    Deadlift: 205 PR
    Score 420

    Super stoked about this score! Can’t wait to get more next time! And, I ate 2 egglands best eggs for breakfast! Gonna be a great day!

  • wendy
    14 years ago

    Hey guys- check out crossfit ft knox page on August 9th- sorry we missed it- but pull it up…….they called it the “mini Lucas”

  • Moses
    14 years ago


    Back squat -345
    Shoulder Press – 165
    Deadlift – 425
    CFT – 935

    A pr, but I still feel like there is substantial room for improvement. Great to be back at UF ! Awesome seeing everyone again!

    btw…the “flying mini lucas” rulz. 🙂

  • Whoops! That “Rich” above is actually Amy, not Rich!!

  • Armando
    14 years ago


    Back squat -330(PR)
    Shoulder Press – 190(PR)
    Deadlift – 450(PR)
    CFT – 970 🙂

    I felt great today….I need to work in my BS, I know that I can go up to 345 for my next CT…about my DL I felt great…me & Lucas agreed that I could go to 460 or 470….450 was my goal since the beginning of this year…and I did it yesssss!!!!

  • Moses
    14 years ago

    Oh great, Armando lifted ALL the weights…now what? Leave some for the rest of us.;)

    Strong, strong work.