7 thoughts on “WOD

  • “Angie”

    100 pull ups
    100 push ups
    100 sit ups
    100 squats

    Time 22:50

    Sorry I didn’t do the WOD with the guys at the 6:00 am

  • “Angie”

    Time 20:48

    I think I did better than the last time….definitely my sit-ups are a lot better…my pull-ups still sucking!!!

  • Armando,
    I looked it up- the last “Angie” was 4/27 – your previous time was 25:23

    My “Angie” times:
    4/27 26:09 8/4 (today) 22:21

  • Angie : 26:50 at urban active GYM. Boooo I know that place sucks for crossfit. Never got the swing on pullups like I’m getting at UF. No pads for situps !!! Was really painfull I can bet next time I can be close to 21 min at UF. No excuses I did the best that I can. Ahh by the way I didn’t have u guys who push me to give the best of me. I really miss that !!!!
    See u tomorrow!!!

  • “Angie”

    100 Pullups

    100 Pushups

    100 Situps

    100 Air Squats

    Must complete all 100 reps at a station before moving on.


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