10 Push Jerks  135#/95#
10 Push ups
8  Push Jerks
20  Push ups
6  Push Jerks
30 Push ups
4  Push Jerks
40  Push ups
2 Push Jerks
50 Push ups

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July Challenge

From Dutch’s Blog

Take your bodyweight from the ground to overhead enough times to total 3000 lbs.
Scaling will be allowed on an individual level based on the coaches prescription however if the weight is scaled the participant must do 3000 lbs regardless of gender.
Here is an example:
I weigh 158 lbs.
3000/158 = 18.xxxx
You will round up regardless of the decimal point. I must perform 19 reps at 158 lbs as fast as possible.

Scores will be counted in seconds.

10 Responses to “WOD

  • Welcome back, Tara!

  • Hey Rich….how’d we do on the June challenge?

  • Armando
    13 years ago

    Time 12:13

    Push-ups sucks!!!!

    Hey Rich I have come up with a WOD that you’re gonna love!!

    “The running frog”
    3 rounds for time of:
    20 jumping squat with 45\35 pounds barbell
    800m run

  • Hilarious, Armando.
    Even better:

    2 Rounds:
    15 Jumping squats w/ 45# barbell
    Row 500m
    15 Jumping squats
    Run 400m

    We’ll call it “Armando” so that when athletes don’t come back for two days because of the inability to walk, we can blame you. I can’t even fathom being able to complete the second 500m row!

  • Armando
    13 years ago

    Come Rich we can do it ur way but 3rnds 20 j/s and 3 500m row!!!! Let me know date & time to do this WOD?

  • You two are crazy!
    Scaled to 75# push jerks- completed all rounds….all 150 push ups and all 30 push jerks Time: 13:06

  • Amy and I couldn’t make it in, so we subbed dumbbells with the same rep scheme.

    Amy: 2 20# Dumbbells
    Rich: 2 45# Dumbbells

    Amy: 16:39
    Rich: 8:37

    Afterward, we worked on handstands. Amy got one for about 2 seconds!!

    Then we did max dumbbell holds. A: 4:02, R: 3:31

    Anyone else who wants in on this leg-slaughter, feel free to take it on! We’ll most likely do it on a Wednesday or Saturday… hehehe

  • Thanks Rich, it’s good to be back! Although I can’t move my arms!!!

  • I agree, Armando and Rich are crazy.

    So I am enjoying vacation but will say I’m missing Crossfit (nothing on the island of MV). Been doing a lot of riding (cycling) though along the ocean so I can’t complain. BUT… on my way back I’m going to check out a few affiliates. Tomorrow, either Crossfit Cape Cod or Pioneer Valley Crossfit. Anyone been to any east coast affiliates?

    Hope all is well back in NKY!!