For time:
100 Inverted burpees

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The Inverted Burpee: starting supine, kip (or sit-up and roll) to standing, kick-up to handstand. This burpee derivative involves similar amounts of work and greater skill than the traditional burpee.

5 Responses to “WOD

  • I had to do the modified version of the inverted burpee since I can’t do handstands.


    I loved the warm up this morning! Great job guys!!!

  • wendy
    15 years ago

    Way to hang in there and try a new class time- great job on 100.

  • 100 inverted burpees……….as Rx’d!!
    Time: 19:03
    Extremely happy with my performance today.

    Great to work out with Mindy again- I’ve missed you.

  • Way to go Wendy!!! How awesome you did it as rx’d!

  • steve
    15 years ago

    100 inverted burpees


    I would rather do inverted burpees over regular ones any day.