2K Row for time


Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

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3 Responses to “WOD

  • Way to go Jeff- 2k row this morning Time: 8 min 50 sec

  • Armando
    15 years ago

    Back Squat 3@185-3@225-3@255-3@275-3@300

    After 10 min break

    2K Row Time 7:38

    It was great to do these 2 WOD with Justin…..great work Justin with your b/s and your 1st 2k row (8 min flat) impresive for your 1st time 🙂 ….good job!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yesterday at the Mid-Atlantic quals, the athletes did a 2K Row for one of their 3 events. The top times were: 6:36, 6:40, & 6:43. Those are some killer times!