Rest Day/ Skill or Make up Day

Here is some information about this weekend’s Dogwood Days 5k run.  It’s local, it’s fun, and the weather is supposed to be great.

Boone Co. link…
Entry form link..

4 Responses to “WOD

  • wendy
    15 years ago

    Moses: are you the Moses who ran this race last year at 23:16- placing 7th overall (?)

  • Moses
    15 years ago


    That’s me.
    Beleive me, I was shocked as anyone with that finish.
    I think I stepped on one of my lungs just after the finish line! 🙂

  • Moses
    15 years ago

    I mean…believe…I’m pretty sure “beleive” has not quite made it as word yet.

  • Made up the lunging wod from yesterday! Whew! My legs are burning today!!!

    Time: 14:52*
    Had to sub push-ups for pull-ups due to injured wrist

    Great job Moses!!! That is awesome!!!