Rest Day

Armando Before CrossFit…Yes Armando!!
From Armando Before CrossFit

Armando After CrossFit

From Collages

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5 Responses to “WOD

  • If anyone happens to see a 40 pound spare tire lying around, please return it to Armando. He lost it somewhere between a beach in Puerto Rico and CrossFit Northern Kentucky. Nice work, brother!

  • That’s a very impressive transformation. Kudos Armando!

  • Armando
    15 years ago

    Hey Rich! I think forgot the tire in the airplane from Puerto Rico to here…try to find it probably is somewhere in the airport jajajaja!!!!

    Thank’s Greg!!!!

  • Way to go Armando! I hope my before and after pictures looks as good as yours!

  • Very impressive transformation! You’ve inspired us here at CF Nasti to start collecting “Before” pictures. Keep up the great work…