WINDY Wednesday

**Peak Performance massage session CANCELLED**
-In a strange turn of events, Andy from Peak Performance slipped on some black ice and broke his ankle last night. We will reschedule a.s.a.p– Sorry about the inconvenience-

Day 31…burpees….as it was said yesterday “this is getting serious”


Four rounds of:
10 power snatches 65/95
15 knees to elbows
20 Double Unders

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22 thoughts on “WINDY Wednesday

  • Hope Andy feels better! Can’t wait for today’s WOD, looks like a fun one! Already got my burpees in this morning…great way to wake up…burpees then having tree branches and ice flying at your windsheild for 30 minutes while driving! YAY! See you all tonight!

  • Workout victory #1 was actually making it to the 5am class! I think I could get used to that… Death by Squats 55lbs. I made it to 13 complete rounds but did a few extra after that just for good measure. Got my burpees in this morning too.

    Still trying to figure out where all this snow and ice is… because it seems to have missed my house! Drive safe everyone!

  • Any workout that uses the word “Death” has to be nasty. Started with front squats then went to back squats avoiding the overhead due to sore shoulder. Completed 18 rounds with 75# and then tried to stay standing.

    Nice to see Wendy, Jodi, and Randi with the 5am crew !!! Love It.

  • Glad you made it safely Jeff. Guess you’ll be shopping in Manila sporting there styles 🙂
    Four rounds of:
    10 power snatches 65#
    15 knees to elbows
    20 Double Unders

    15:37 rxd
    Great workout this morning!

  • Death by squats this a.m.
    Not even going to post my less than desirable numbers.

    However I will post ONE number………..


    The man, the myth, the legend…put on a clinic.

  • I hope Jeff happened to have his SKINS on under his clothes on the plane. Just think, if that’s what he has to wear in Manila, they will think he is a superhero! Throw on a cape and do some burpees Jeff!

  • 490 was all in the house today!!! He made us look like a bunch of punks! I should have just stuck with the OHS instead of going with those dang front squats!

  • It may be premature, as there’s still hope Jeff’s luggage will be found… but say a prayer, as our dear friend “Buddy Lee” was in that bag…. (not the actual guy, mind you!)

    (A moment of silence, please)

  • I wonder if “Buddy Lee” was the reason the TSA held my luggage? I hope he makes it to Manila tomorrow.

  • “Death by Squats” lived up to its name today, but all in all gives u goals to reach for, even if I have the worst form known to crossfit!!!!

  • Four rounds of:
    10 power snatches 65/95
    15 knees to elbows
    20 Double Unders

    My performance of this WOD was not stellar (13:17, substituted 55# for the 65#), but I do have something to be excited about… I did the DOUBLE UNDERS!!! This was probably a perfect WOD to do starting out, because it wasn’t a huge number of them. I’m only doing every third jump as a DU, but it’s coming together 🙂 Yippee!

  • My best wishes that Buddy Lee finds his way back to you soon Jeff!
    Four rounds tonight power snatches, KTE, DU. Modified (of course) with 55# on the snatches and single unders, finished in 13:25. Felt really good with the snatches tonight! Very excited and hope I can keep the good form next time with a bit more weight! 🙂 Great job 6:30! Laura you rocked it!!!

  • Way to go Toni!! That’s how I started… Feels like you are working twice as hard as everyone, but it will pay off. Next step, every other… Before you know it, you will be doing all double unders and wanting a “Buddy Lee” of your own.

    Had to miss tonight because of a sick child. Did my burpees though and will be there tomorrow with everyone else who has to makeup!!

  • Power snatch was a new movement for me, so I only did 65lbs. Managed all double unders though in 13:44.

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