We’re in Columbus………check back for posts/updates.

Look forward to seeing you all on Monday

Feel free to choose a travel WOD to do today whether you are “travelling” or not

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  • Results from Saturday:

    WOD 1: 11:32
    WOD 2: 8:53
    WOD 3: 7:33

    Total Time: 27:58
    Placed 54th

    WOD 1: 12:16
    WOD 2: 7:58
    WOD 3: 7:13

    Total Time: 27:27
    Placed 51st

    Thanks to everyone that took the time to show up and cheer us on. I still don’t know why you think it’s a good idea to yell at a guy while he’s in so much pain. Kickin’ a guy when he’s down!?

    We look forward to seeing more UF athletes in the 2010 qualifier! So start training!