Nice turnout for Saturday’s wod. A special Happy Birthday to Jeff and kudos for completing your “48” burpees!
NEXT Saturday is the big day we have been gearing up for for many months…..save the date! New and old Crossfitters plan on coming out, it’ll take awhile, we will be working out in heats.
Bring your family and friends to spectate!!!

3 Responses to “Weekend!

  • I just think Jeff is the greatest 🙂 I mean that sincerely – I’m a very lucky gal! Thanks everyone for participating in “Jeff’s Birthday WOD!” Have a great weekend

  • kristin
    13 years ago

    It sounds like you guys had way for fun than I did-happy birthday jeff!

    I did a mini WOD & practiced double unders (gosh do I need it).
    Dbl squat cleans 25#
    Push ups
    Sit ups
    Almost 10:00

  • Nikki
    13 years ago

    Even though I couldn’t make it in on Saturday, I still did a WOD of my own…
    4 rounds:
    400m run(although I’m pretty sure it was a 600m b/c I measured wrong)
    10 push ups
    20 double unders
    30 squats