Wednesday-Share the Pain, day 3

Visitors continue to roll in! Tell your friends “it’s a good pain, really!”

Today’s Wod: Hmmmm….can you say TABATA?

Classes at 5am, 6am, 9am, 2pm, 430pm,530pm,630pm

6 Responses to “Wednesday-Share the Pain, day 3

  • Just me and the boys this morning- nice to see Adam back, and Phil with a less than 12 hour turnaround time between wods, and of course Frankie!

    Score: 34

  • Julie
    12 years ago

    Braved the wod today! Felt great to be back and see the 9am’ers. Arms are feeling weightless so you know what that means, won’t be able to move them tomorrow:)

    Not sure what my total was, maybe 27? The pull-ups were my weakest link after the 4th or 5th interval and with the red band. Most of my push-ups were on the knees, going to have to do some major re-building of this body after baby.

    Get better Jeff, we are thinking of you and sending our wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Hamilton
    12 years ago

    I have been soliciting like crazy to get people up there… hopefully some will show. Unfortunately my schedule is whack this week and I can’t accompany some of them there.

  • Chrissy
    12 years ago

    This was a lot of fun! Score was 33. Much better than last time we did this WOD! Great job 4:30 class 🙂

  • Kristin
    12 years ago

    I should just be thankful to keep moving!
    3 pull ups
    6 push ups
    3 knees to elbows (or just as high as they go)
    13 squats
    Total of 25…I think my last score was 36 or 38 so I’ve lost a lot of tabata power since then 😉

    Great work 530 & was happy to see Kristen come back for more!

    Also, congrats to Rachel for passing her boards…yah! Now go do Annie or Helen or squat Megan!

  • Megan S.
    12 years ago

    Hahahaha Kristin! Too funny! 🙂

    I got 37 on this one. Way to go Dave Setters for making it in today and sharing the pain with us! You did an awesome job and I hope to see you Friday!!