Girls WOD Wednesday!

CrossFit Northern Kentucky Christmas Party will be on Thursday December 22nd. 

More information posted at the gym.

If You forgot to sign up for the rowing clinic  this Saturday you are to late, it is full





9 Responses to “Wednesday

  • I don’t think Barbara was anybody’s friend today! I like her!

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    At first glance I said for a “girls” WOD Wed why was I the only girl at 2 pm…then Traci showed up as we were throwing down “Barbara”…

  • Sandy R
    12 years ago

    Barbra, you are a mean girl…which I defeated!! All 5 rounds finished. Black band for pull-ups. Time: 41:22

  • Becky
    12 years ago

    Barbara, my arms and abs will thank you later. But for now, OUCH!! As always, good job 5am’ers. See you Tuesday, Adam?? ;o)

  • Killer work out today. I don’t lay in heap on the floor gasping for air, but “Barbara” nearly did me in. Time 34:14. A big 5:30 crew left a lot of sweat on the floor today…

  • I meant that I don’t “usually” lay in a heap after working out….

  • Duh!!! Talk much?

  • Adam F.
    12 years ago

    I loved thisj workout!!!! Started out with GHDs and quickly realized that wasn’t going to pan out. Finished 33:34….great job 5:30pm class!

  • Tommy
    12 years ago

    Thanks for the extra push from Doug and Kim. 28:01 for me with this wod.