Throw Down the Gauntlet Wednesday!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to another member of the Baker family…..this time it is the Queen!! Make it a great day, Toni Baker!

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  • Wendy
    12 years ago

    Lots of modifications for me today- after round 1, I knew this Wod had “Laverne” written all over it! Nice work Liz and Phil! NO Thursday 5am class. Have the best day, Toni.

  • Yep….this is one of my favorites!

  • I will comment for Phil today since we are all waiting for him to join the website world….(Double C, do I have clearance to speak for your man, Phil?)….
    Phil said “when the run was the best part, that’s sayin’ somethin’, oh man!”

  • I better stretch and hydrate!

  • Linda
    12 years ago

    Happy Birthday Toni!

  • Happy birthday Toni!

  • Megan S.
    12 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Toni

  • chrissy
    12 years ago

    I won’t be able to make it to this one! I am unfortunately covering two shifts at work today:( I’ll have to miss your birthday wod wodmother!! But I hope you have a wonderful day! Happy Birthday!

  • Melissa
    12 years ago

    Happy Birthday Toni!!!Hhope your day is wonderful!! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Toni!

  • Kim D
    12 years ago

    Have a great birthday Toni!!!

  • You guys are great – thanks for the b-day wishes! My only wish is to celebrate with some burpees when I return from Charlotte. (sorry folks, but that’s how I roll)

  • And that would be what…..29 burpess right???

  • Frank
    12 years ago

    Have a great birthday, Toni. Linda said she would do my burpees for me when you get back from CLT. Cheers!

  • Kristin
    12 years ago

    Happy Birthday Toni! Hope you have big celebration plans for when you come back! Hint Hint Mr. Baker 🙂

    5 rounds + 1/2 of the run for me. Great job by the 4:30 class today, and good to see everyone!

  • Stephanie
    12 years ago

    Happy Birthday!!!

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite crossfitter! Looking forward to some birthday burpees when she rolls back into town. 6 rounds, a run and 1 HSPU. There was about a minute left in the WOD, but the arms were thrashed.