WOD: from the main site

Eight rounds for max reps of:
75 pound Push press, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Jumping alternating lunge, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds

Post total reps for each exercise to comments.

Happy Birthday Mark N. and Bryson!

21 Responses to “Wednesday

  • Happy Birthday to Mark and Bryson!!

  • Happy Birthday to two cool dudes! oh boy more Tabata-style fun today! I guess it’s better than birthday burpees!

  • Happy birthday Mark and Bryson!!!

  • Kim D
    13 years ago

    Great picture! Happy birthday Mark and Bryson!

  • Happy birthday guys!
    Tough but fun WOD at 5a.m. Good job to Phil, Adam and Frank!

  • Happy Birthday Mark and Bryson!!

  • Adam F.
    13 years ago

    Happy Birthday Guys!! Can’t wait to get at this WOD today!

  • Laura
    13 years ago

    Happy Birthday Mark and Bryson! Hope you both have a great day!

  • Wendy
    13 years ago

    9am Wod….90 push presses, 140 lunges complete…..Happy Hour here I come!

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    That pictures is so cute. Happy Birthday boys!
    97 push presses and 141 lunges. I want some Happy Hour too…

  • Chrissy
    13 years ago

    This is a great picture!! Happy birthday guys!!!

  • Linda
    13 years ago

    Happy Birthday Mark & Bryson! Eat lots of cake!

  • Adam F.
    13 years ago

    make sure it’s Paleo Cake though….translation cake that sucks…..

  • Frank
    13 years ago

    Happy Birthday, Mark and Bryson!

  • 83 push presses and 133 lunges. Rxd. It wasn’t pretty, but it felt good to do a WOD. Looking forward to getting back in the box. Have a lot of catching up to do!!!

  • Jill, Jeff and I did this one at home. I used a 45# bar for the push presses. Got 98 of those and 148 lunges. Jeff got the clear to workout, just has to “listen to his body.” I know he’s a happy camper now.

    Happy birthday Bryson and Mark!

  • Cathy T.
    13 years ago

    Awesome workout today! Thanks Kim!

    Happy bday Bryson and Mark!

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    That is the greatest pic! Happy birthday to you both 🙂

    I got 65 push presses @ 55# & 98 lunges. Lots of new faces & fun at 5:30 today…it’s great to see y’all!

  • Double C
    13 years ago

    Jeff, that is awesome to hear you have been given the big OK. Glad to hear it brother!

    Mark and Bryson, Happy Birthday!

    Today WOD: 94PP-104lunges. Awesome job Adam F, you smoked it today!

    Becky and Brett! You all did awesome, way to keep pushing!

  • Thanks Guys and hope Bryson had a good birthday!

    I did my BD-Burpees here in Germany:
    4 Rounds:
    9 pullpups
    9 Burpees (10 on the first round to get to 37).

  • Megan S.
    13 years ago

    Happy birthday guys!!! Hope you both had a great day!