5:15am class SNATCHES



Daily wod:

800m run


9 Burpee Box Jumps

400m run

15 OHS

15 Burpee Box Jumps

200 m run

21 OHS

21 Burpee Box Jumps



8 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • A day off work always allows me to join the 9am class- what fun to see the ladies!
    This was a nice, solid wod – I really liked it. All OHS unbroken.
    Time: 14:54

    (I will be opening Thursday for another BONUS 5am wod! )

  • 18:22

    9am killed it… great work ladies!!

    Always fun dropping in on a midday class. Great job 2pm!!

  • Linda and I are vacationing in Siesta Key this week. Just finished our travel WOD. 200 meter swim then 21 15 9 push ups, sit ups squats followed by a 200 meter swim. Frank finished 13:50. Linda 17:52. Time may have been better without the 4 beers at lunch 🙂

  • Wow this one sucked!!! I like running about as much as i like a good root canal but managed to finish this little ditty in 18:00 on the nose.

  • Question, what singular crossfit skill/movement takes the longest to complete (besides distance running/rowing etc)? A rope climb?

    I think I found it…a modified burpee box jump. Squat, come up, do a full push up on box, and then step up on box. Geesh…they take forever!

    I only did 200m runs for this WOD with the mod above & 65# OHS-which are still my friend 🙂

    25:04, I think. Great work by the 5:30 class! This was brutal & there was a lot of rx times on the board!

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