13 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Another good wod – did chest to bar pull ups instead. It was me and the boys this morning! time 4:07, thrusters 70# Nice job 5a.m.’ers!!

  • Hit 105 for thrusters and blue band chest to bar pull ups. 5:37 and a butt kicking way to come back from vacation.

  • MU’s?? really??

    Hey Kyle, whats the name of your Mudathlon team? they are gonna move us to your team but there are 2 with similar names…

    ps – Lucas, Mark’s ARMY orders changed so now he can do the race as planned. sorry!!

  • 7:00 Rx’d
    Very disappointed in my performance today. I felt like I should have been closer to 5:00.
    If I can extend my arms tomorrow I may try it again.

  • Great first regular group workout with the 5am posse this morning! Thanks for making my intro to Crossfit such a great experience​! When I grow up, I wanna be just like Liz. U rock it every morning girl!

  • 10 something. Tried the muscle-ups but only got one sloppy one. Practice makes perfect!! Next time!!

  • Bridget, the team is Blood, Sweat, and Beers but I just checked the team roster and you are on there so it worked out

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