Has everyone met “ANNIE”??? Today is your day


Double Unders, Sit ups


17 Responses to “Wednesday

  • Modified Annie….I did the 3xSingle Unders but stepped it up to GHDs …a little give and take on this one for a time of 13:23.

    This is one of those wods where I wonder if coming later in the day would have been helpful due to lack of coordination and groove on the DU attempts. Thats ok though, Unknown and Unknowable, gotta be prepared at all times of the day!!

  • Sarah
    13 years ago

    Wendy, I was almost crazy enough to try the ghd’s. If it wasn’t for Monday’s 150 I would have. I needed Annie today…no burpees, no lifting. 9:57

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    I used to LOVE Annie!! She was one of my faves & my time wasn’t too bad either (7something)…too bad my sit ups are slow slow slow these days 🙁 Oh well, I’m with Sarah-I’ll still enjoy no lifting or burpees 🙂

  • Double C
    13 years ago

    “Annie” had me doing the 3X’s SU’s. 9:45 I think.

    Wasnt feeling full of energy today, but Wendy Liz and Drew managed to get me on the Mile loop after WOD run. Very glad I did that, thanks for pushing me to run. Great crew at 5am again!

  • Chrissy
    13 years ago

    I loooove Annie!!!! Can’t wait!

  • Megan S.
    13 years ago

    Wow this was terrible. On the up side, I’m getting better at my double unders after today. My time was 17 something. *yuck*

  • Please do not bring your children to the 4:30 class; unless you bring ear plugs or want your child to learn how to “cuss like a sailor”. I will do my best, but 150 D/Us may bring out a string of words that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. 🙂

  • I like Annie!! 7:32 thanks to Matt pushing me! Good run afterward with the 6am class. Mark try to keep it down ok? the last time we did double unders i could hear you cussing from my house!!! 🙂

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    “Annie” was 10:07 plus mile run. Great WOD for my first day back after the holiday weekend. Tomorrow will be a different story…

  • Haven’t met “ANNIE” but looking forward to meeting her @430. Should be interesting.

  • Melissa
    13 years ago

    Love Annie!! After I got my car unlocked, thankfully, I didn’t miss starting the WOD with the rest of the 4:30 class! Shout out to Stephanie…you did awesome girl!!! My feet were burning like crazy after that last run, but overall – it was a great day!!

  • Hamilton
    13 years ago

    Well, found out I need to practice my double unders bad after that one. Havent done any for awhile and it showed. Had to do this one at home tonight too which slows my times down for sure.

    9:54 RXd

  • I think I was 7:36 Rxd. I thought I was going faster than that. My double unders aren’t too bad, their just slow. Need to practice more. It was nice to get smoked by the entire 6:30 class on the mile run. Tim and Drew, 5:38 is awesome. And for the folks that did GHD’s, ridiculous.

  • Laura
    13 years ago

    8:53 for Annie, my first time “meeting” her. My sit ups are SO slow…if I can shave that time down, it’d be great.
    mile run afterwards, surprisingly lovely. 🙂

  • Annie, Annie, Annie….. It was very nice meeting you, hopefully we will meet again and I can take you down quicker. Overall, good times! Nice job 430 class

  • Rx’d Annie – though my double-unders each have a single under between them, which invariably slows me down. 11:21 for me. Some day I’ll get to straight doubles. Great job to Jill, Chrissy, Kristin, and Linda at 5:30. (Jill was cookin’!)

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    So, my Annie PR is 7:08 (which I did not get yesterday) & apparently not practicing DUs for 6 months & being 6 months pregnant adds 5 minutes to your time. My sit ups are slow & pretty much miserable these days, but happy to still be able to do them!

    Hopefully I’ll break the 7 minute mark in my next non prego attempt 🙂