Throw Down the Gauntlet Wednesday!!

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  • Double C
    13 years ago

    Great gettin-R-dun at 6am today. Great job to all you earlybird 5amer’s as well.

    10 rounds +5reps on the Gauntlet today.

    Sarah that awesome RX’ing it today!

  • sarah
    13 years ago

    7 rounds..RX, RX, RX!!!! Wohoo…I really needed that today. Even if my hands look and feel like raw hamburger meat.

    Double C great to work out with you again, its been awhile

    5 am ladies…I believe you may have had too much fun today.

  • Stacy
    13 years ago

    9rds and a mile run afterwards.

  • Julie
    13 years ago

    Mom wod for me again today:

    Filthy 50 scaled to Terrible 20

    20 Step-ups
    20 Ring Body Rows
    20 1-armed KB swings 25#
    20 Lunges
    20 Push-Press 45#
    20 Good Mornings 45#
    20 Wall Ball 14#
    20 Pregnant Burpees (these were more like push-ups with squats)
    60 Single Unders

    15:42, all with an extra 25ish ‘body-armour’ pounds added on 🙂
    Already having DOM soreness, tomorrow will be a walking day for sure!

  • Julie
    13 years ago

    Oops, and held a plank for a minute in lieu of 20 KTEs! My abs don’t like any sort of pulling at this point, 5.5 weeks to go!!

  • Linda
    13 years ago

    Julie – You are soooo impressive! Hang in there.

  • 11 rounds plus the HSPU, Rxd. Great job by the 5:30 crew. Good call on the ab cool down Karin. I typed that with a sarcastic look on my face of course.

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Julie you give me hope, girl! I can’t believe you’re so close!

    Just short of 8 rounds with 2 mats, but still getting my chin above the bar!

    Great work at 4:30 & Paul, hope you’re enjoying the ‘fun’ 🙂

  • Karin
    13 years ago

    Thanks for joining me on the ab “cool down” 5:30!! 🙂

  • Rachel Rosing
    13 years ago

    7 rounds + 3hspu
    Did my first kipping hspu in WOD and used 25#plate & abmat, but felt like these were my best and most functional hspu yet.
    Am working on getting back up to the bar faster when doing pull ups. I typically can do 3-4 in a row, but when I drop I stand there and stare at the bar FOREVER, so one of many new goals is to get back up quick, and I feel like I did better with this tonight.
    Tried to take it a little easy today secondary to back pain from horrible form on Monday, but it actually worked my back out a little and am feeling not as miserable now 🙂
    In summary…
    MUCH NEEDED GOOD WOD! Thank you Crossfit for bringing me back to reality today.

  • Megan S.
    13 years ago

    8 rounds + 2 Pull Ups. I wish my hands would quit ripping.. For realz. 🙂

  • Hamilton
    13 years ago

    Couldn’t make it in today unfortunately, but just got home and knocked out “Angie”. Sore from Monday still I think. Push ups are a weakness right now big time. My time was nothing special but I am glad a got some work in tonight. Now it’s time to do 3 papers for school. I truely hate this class!

    100 Pull Ups
    100 Push Ups
    100 Sit Ups
    100 Squats


  • Chrissy
    13 years ago

    At home WOD since I couldn’t make it to the gym tonight.
    400 meter runs x4
    Those need serious improvement!! But I felt bad for not running them last night!!
    3 rounds 
    30 pushups
    40 situps 
    50 squats
    10:41 time
    I’m pretty sure Hamiltons home WOD just kicked my home WOD’s ass!!

  • Melissa
    13 years ago

    My hands are killing me!!! I had no idea how much contact I have with water & soap….until the last 4 hours of my life! Open blisters all over your hands – do not bode well with water, or soap! Hopefully we won’t have pull- ups in a WOD for the next few days! Other than being in extreme pain I really liked the WOD – think I had 10 rds + 5 p.u.’s

  • 2 rounds Rx’d and had to spend some time thinking something else up, my right shoulder couldn’t take the vertical pushing or pulling. Did 5 more modified rounds (BW bench press for the press move and dead hang chin-ups for the pull).

  • Oh wow, that was a “fun” WOD today. Like every other day, it kicked my ass but it’s ummmm sick, can’t wait for Friday. Kristin and the rest of the gang are great pushing me when I need it the most. Thanks and see you on Friday,

  • 12 rounds plus 1 HSPU. Was totally sucking dust from Tommy and Armando. You guys rocked it! Did 25 GHDs and 400M run x 4 rnds as a cool down.

  • So 13 rounds at the buzzer for me on this one. I loved all the excercises in this WOD. Definitely one of my favorites. Karen you’re the only person I would do that kind of “cool down” for. My abs hurt to think today……