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Today is our St Patrick’s Day WOD -“Sweaty Pot O’Gold”!

The 1st Wod is published for the Crossfit open…..start preparing your mind for the most beastly 10 minutes of work you’ve had all week!

18 Responses to “Wednesday

  • Awesome WOD today…gotta love 17 that’s all I’m going to say!!!

    Time 22:25

  • stacy
    11 years ago

    What is the “pool password” for the on-line brackets?

  • Great WOD!! That little leprechaun was was tough!!! Good to meet some new peeps today! Everyone did an awesome job!

  • wendy
    11 years ago

    You can use the code “meltdown” to receive 10percent off order at Life as Rx…expires 4-1-2011

  • stacy,
    the pool password is “wod”

  • 17 was a do-able number today….huge 430 class…..people must have been sneakin’ out of work early. Rx’d, 24:58…….station number 5, directly after 4 was my slow spot….:)…..

  • Jeremy
    11 years ago

    28:05 with 30 pound vest…….

  • Whew – fun crew at 4:30. I came in around 26:30 – not real sure of actual time. Lovin’ this springtime weather.

  • Kristin
    11 years ago

    This one about put me out of commission! It was a good one though!

    Great work by the huge 4:30 class ahead of us & then of course the 5:30 class…as always, great working with you Karin! I don’t know how you do it girl 🙂

    Happy St. Patty’s Day tomorrow…this girl will be resting 🙂

  • Chris C
    11 years ago

    17’s, good times working with Jeff. Thanks for keeping me going man! Kim thank you so much for pushing me through that last station. It was a lung burner today. 29:??

    Everyone have a great NCAA Tip Off tomorrow!

  • Kristin
    11 years ago

    Also, thanks for the Life as Rx’d code, Wendy. I’ve already put it to good use!

  • Sarah
    11 years ago

    Megan, great to partner up with you today! Great job to everyone at the 4:30, it was packed! I’m with Toni, enjoyed being outside today!

  • Jeremy with the f-ing vest, you kidding me? Dude…..

  • Rachel Rosing
    11 years ago

    35:50…slooow…you know something is wrong when I love lunges, squats, sit-ups, and kb swings so much…but enjoyed the workout and being partnered up with Chrissy!!! Felt like an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics on the bars tonight. 3 days clean from Rice Chex.

  • oh hey – I forgot to mention, and I was SO excited at the time: for both rounds of DUs, even though I still do single-single-doubles, I got my 17 UNBROKEN! That’s progress 🙂

  • Karin
    11 years ago

    Loved this WOD! Had a little bit of everything. Thanks for teaming up with me again tonight Kristin. No laughing through this one though. Can’t laugh if u can’t get any air in! Nice to meet Brittany tonight. U rocked your first WOD girl!!! Rx’d 24:11

  • This was a great WOD. Rx’d 22:34. Had fun working with double C, Chris Crawford. Jeremy and Kettle Bell did this one with vests on. I was sore just watching them.

  • Brittney
    11 years ago

    It was nice meeting everyone yesterday at the 4:30 class, you all made my first time VERY enjoyable. Looking forward to doing it again!