12 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Oh how I hate thrusters! But at least tomorrow is REST DAY!
    5 rounds for time of:
    21 Thrusters 55lbs
    21 Double Unders
    14:31 rx’d

  • 10:51 – Rx’d

    Great job tonight on your double unders Toni!! You’ll get them. Way to Rx it Chrissy!!

    Great job everyone at 5:30. 🙂

  • ~15 rx’d.

    I did 3 rounds of unbroken double unders & focused on good form for thrusters…they felt good, not sure if they looked good though.

    Great 5:30 class as always & great work on those double unders Toni! Proud of you, lady 🙂

  • Thank you Lucas for encouraging me to just go with the double unders!!! I didn’t think I could actually do them in a WOD, but was able to complete them all! The thrusters took me FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR, but I Rx’d them and finally finished @ 15:12. Great 4:30 class – with Liz, Traci, Ryan, Kyle, Chad & Linda!!! You guys are awesome….

  • 20:55 Rx’d

    Great job 6:30!!! The Thrusters were TOUGH–I only got through them with Doug’s persistent coaching. Thanks Doug!

  • Kristin those thruster were awesome! hips below your knees and fully locked out over the ears at top. Sorry we didn’t have a camera out tonight:)

  • Way to go everybody. This workout was way tougher than it looked on paper. My shoulders were burning at the end. Way to go Laura, I’m proud of you. If you ever question whether you can Rx the weight just GO FOR IT! You always muscle through it! My time: 15:12 Rx’d

  • 5 rounds for time of:
    21 Thrusters 55lbs
    21 Double Unders
    16:13 rx’d

    Thanks for all the support @ 5:30. And 6:30 looked great too. This place ROCKS!

  • 5 rounds for time of:
    21 thrusters 55lbs
    21 double unders (singles x3 for me)
    21:22 RX’D!!!
    if you can’t tell I’m pretty proud of the rx’d weight. now I gotta keep working on those double unders!

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