Workout will be posted on the whiteboard only.

Friday December 24th schedule: 8AM, 10AM, 11AM

13 Responses to “Wednesday

  • Moses
    13 years ago

    Wish I would have got a look at the whiteboard prior to coming in…sheesh.

    Run 10K w 45lb plate
    Time: 56:12 (PR)

    Wait, I just made that up. 🙂
    Right Adam?

  • megHan
    13 years ago

    5am. made up 12 days of hell…i mean XMAS! 😉
    1.) pull up (full rom)
    2.) kipping hspu to one ab mat ( a million attempts/many failures/some almosts and halfers/4-6 successes/ lots of wasted time and finally ended up doing mostly regular pushups)
    3.) du’s (apparently my feet and jumprope don’t get along early in the am)
    4.) 53# kbs
    5.) squats (full rom)
    6.) burpees
    7.) lunges
    8.) mnt. climbers
    9.) ghd back extensions
    10.) 20″ bj
    11.) ghd situps
    12.) 14# med ball cleans into wallballs to 10″ target
    what a morning…27:04

  • Chris…Because every I say is everything you ever wanted to hear….:)

  • Because everything I say….Hit enter too fast, but you get the picture….cause i’m a liar!!!!

  • jeremy
    13 years ago

    Just thought I would let everyone know I went on a run today in Orlando and it was 75 degrees.

  • I Hate u Jeremy.

  • Was hoping to make 4:30 class. Thanks to a crisis at work I’ll be luck to make 6:30. I hope Jeremy gets a sunburn on his forehead!

  • I liked this workout tonight. I can’t remember my exact times, but they were pretty consistent (3:15, 3:21, 3:20, and some such – all right around the same general area). Didn’t have any double-unders going during warm-up so I went with SUs. Still, I tried to give it my all, and I feel like I did 🙂
    Great job, Liz, Susan & Maddie 🙂
    Thanks Alex for the push! Sorry I didn’t count you in our little 4:30 tribe 🙂

  • Workout was a gasser. first round was like 2:53. after that it was all downhill.

    Yeah Toni never forget to count me in a WOD.

  • First round was just over 3 minutes. After that each round was over 4 minutes. Double unders are not my friend. Couldn’t hang w/Alex, or my wife. Oh well.

  • Kristin
    13 years ago

    Hated every minute of this wod, but it was fun to workout with Kike again as my partner! My best time was in the second round at 420-ish…all rounds rxd, but brutally painful.

    I did get a new PR on DUs after the wod with 33 so that was exciting! Tomorrow is definitely a rest day for this lady 🙂 See you all Friday.

  • Kristin whats a rest day?