18 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Um…yeah…glad I did Cindy today. Portions of my carcass are still crippled from this s.o.b. the last time it came around. I mean crippled in the best possible way. 🙂

  • Well, after two weeks away from this I can see and feel the lapse in my body. YUCK! I have been so looking forward to getting back in the game, my new goal is unbroken attendance! This workout is going to ‘hurt so good’ tonight! See you then!

  • 40 KB swings (35#)
    2 rounds:
    >>25 KTE
    >>25 Box jumps
    2 rounds:
    >>GHD Sit-ups
    >>Back Extensions
    40 KB swings

    Time 15:27


  • 12:30 for main WOD. Then we found our max clean PR 225. I had 245 but could not commit. Then we did a little mini Wod

    Hang cleans Ladder from… 135#
    10 DU each round

    8 and some change.

  • Ditto Toni’s comment…literally. Same exact time 🙂

    Then Alex & Erik were doing that little mini WOD that was not so mini when you have not yet had the chance to breathe from the first WOD.

    I did Hang Cleans 10-9-8-7…1 & the same with double unders…didn’t realize there were supposed to be 10 DUs between each round so then I made up the difference at the end…oops. 12:something & 65#

  • My time wasn’t so great on the today’s WOD especially considering I did good mornings (45#) and ab mat sit ups…17:11. KTEs not my friend today. And you guys (and gals) doing 2 WODs a day are really making me look bad 🙂 You guys rock!

  • Testimonial:
    I go out of town by myself and seek out Crossfit!
    That is a change I never imagined possible! Thanks CrossfitNKY

    Crossfit Tallahassee, FL today

    Front Squats 3-3-3 Max Weight 205
    Bench Press 5-5-5 Max Weight 245

  • Sweet, Chris….nice job!

    Kristin- (one part of me says….)if you keep coming to the late class and hangin’ with the boys, you’re gonna make us look bad! (the other part of me says….)go get ’em girl! more power to ya and kick some a$$!

    Alex: I bolted out of there after the wod- you were leisurely hanging around, I knew you were up to somethin’…..yep a PR and another wod….should’ve known!

  • Hung in with Kristin and Alex, WOD and “mini” WOD (not so mini!), sort of. Not sure of time with either one–probably between 16/17 for main WOD. Maybe 14/15 for mini, but did the ugliest hang cleans known to human kind. Guess I’ll be working on those! DU’s however, are coming along nicely and first workout with GHB sit-ups ftw!

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