Teams of two, as many rounds as possible in 15 min of:

5 Burpees

10 Push-ups

15 Sit-ups

while one person is holding the push up plank the other is working on burpees, push-ups and sit ups.   Switch position after each round, if a team member has to rest you both have rest.

post rounds to comments.

From Alex 225# OHS PR!!

4 Responses to “Wednesday

  • stacy
    13 years ago

    Kim and I got 12 rds this morning. Happy Turkey Day to everyone!

  • Sarah
    13 years ago

    Liz and I got 12 rounds plus 4 burpees this afternoon at two o’clock. Great job Liz, thanks for helping me along!

  • Lola and I got 13 rounds plus burpees and pushups
    I’m sure I held Lola back on this one, at least one round worth of time.
    Thanks for screaming at me, girl!

  • megan
    13 years ago

    jarrett and i got 13 rounds plus burpees, pushups, and 14 situps… so close to 14!!! i guess that’s why every second counts 🙂