9 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • I did Tuesday’s wod with Tony and Susan this morning. 15 rounds/5pjs. Tried to do all box jumps, but had to step up a few times! I’m getting there!!! Great job to both Tony and Susan!

  • 19:43 purple band and no rips too!!! Great job 9am. Especially Kim for doing half w/o a band. Some day I’ll get there.

  • I too made up the Tuesday wod with Adam, Matt, and Mean Gene from CFW!
    17 rounds

    How do I best sum up this wod…oh yeah….it sucked. 🙂
    In a good way of course!….yeah that’s it….in a good way.

  • When I grow up, I want to be just like Jeff. You killed it! Me, I was a full 8 minutes behind at 20:46 (purple band). Great job 5:30 – especially Maddie for hanging in there and finishing strong! Proud of you, girl!

  • We had some awesome times in the 5:30 class tonight! I however, am just so happy that I was able to do ALL of the pull ups with the purple band 🙂


    Armando-I’ll be waiting for the plantain recipe or tell me how to spell the name of the dish & I’ll look it up 🙂

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