As many rounds as possible in 15min of:

15 Sumo Deadlift High Pull

15 Wall Balls

15 Sit ups

Post rounds to comments.

Everyone is invited to tomorrows  Veterans Day WOD,  we will be honoring all those servicemen and women who make sacrifices so we can do what we do. Come in and get your butt kicked by a mystery hero to remember and honor all those who serve our country.

You can make up any WOD you missed this week, or do your own. Just let us know if you are coming in outside of one the regularly scheduled classes.

CrossFit Nasti is having another OPT Big DAWG challange this Saturday.Below is the info on it, but check out their site for more details.

This Saturday is the second of three OPT Big Dawg Challenges. We will only have one regular class to begin promptly at 10:00 so that we can begin the Challenge heats at 11:00. Those interested in participating will need to register here, and like last time, everyone is invited to watch the action and support the athletes during what is sure to be a enjoyable test…

We will still be having our free Saturday workout at 11:00.

13 Responses to “Wednesday

  • What’s the Rx on the SDHP’s for guys?

  • Moses
    14 years ago


  • Matt J
    14 years ago

    Rxd is Lucas himself

  • jarrett
    14 years ago

    sad I’m missing this one today. Soccer instead, glad I’m not using a whole lot of upper body today.

  • 490lbs?!!! that’s like impossible for anyone to ever lift?!!!

  • jarrett
    14 years ago

    “Flops stay with you in the way that success ever do”
    ~Nora Ephron

  • megHan
    14 years ago

    i’ll be in tomorrow around 6pm.

  • Gread WOD today! 7 rounds 53#KB, 14#wall balls. Thanks Dean for pushing me!

  • Jason
    14 years ago

    5 rounds with 7 sdhp rx’d.

  • Bums me out to have missed this wod……way to go with that 53#kb Liz!

  • My thinking this AM “15 min AMRAP I got this!” It was much more difficult than I had anticipated.
    8 rounds plus 6 SDHP
    Can’t wait for tomorrows Hero WOD !!

  • rest day.

  • 5 rounds + 2 WB. 53# KB, 14# WB. RX??!??
    Thanks again for the push Wilmari! Great job by all at 6:30!