20 Cal Bike/Row
100m Run
15 GHD Situps
100m Run
15 Back Extensions
100m Run
15 OHS
100m Run
15 Atlas
100m Run
5 Burpee Broad Jumps

15 Lower Back Twist ( )

10 Min EMOM of 3 Front Squats
3x @ 75%

Team of 3
5k row total
-15 ring dips
-15 squat cleans 115/75
-15 GHD Sit Ups
** one person rows, other 2 work through the stations without passing each other. Rower picks up where their partner left off

Hip Mobility ( Start video at 9:50
Start with rolling out upper IT band into glutes
Roll out quads & IT Band
Banded Hip Mobility

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