Group Warm Up

DB Rows and Ring Push Ups (RPU)
10x DB Rows @ 75%
10x DB Rows @ 75%
10x DB Rows @ 75%
10x RPU
10x RPU
10x RPU

GHD Sit Ups & Back Extensions
4 x 15 Each Movement


Partner Wod
(25 Min AMRAP if Partner Wod) or Individual Wod (For Time)
“300” – Though not originally a CrossFit workout, it was supposedly used by the stuntmen training for film “300,” the workout has been adopted by CrossFit boxes around the globe.
25 Pull-Ups
50 Deadlifts (135/95 lbs)
50 Push-Ups
50 Box Jumps (24/20 in)
50 Floor Wipers (135/95)
50 Kettlebell Single Arm Clean-and-Press 35/25 (25 Each Arm)
25 Pull-Ups

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