9 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • “Death by Pull-ups” since I only have a couple dead hang pull-ups so I definately couldn’t add any weight. Kim however did a great job! Me…10 rds + 8. Just couldn’t get 11 in that last round. Purple band. Don’t remember my time on the mini WOD but it was next to last.

  • Death by pull-ups w/red band: 12 rounds + 9
    Mini-wod: 7:32

    60 GHD sit-ups to round things out
    Enjoyed the 5:30 workout – great job everyone!

  • 45-70-85-98-115 (f) -110(f)
    I got my chin to the bar at 115, but couldn’t get the extra inch. Spent from effort at 115 and did the same at 110.

  • Death by Pull-ups:
    10 rounds + 10
    3 rounds of kipping, 2 rounds purple band, and remainder rounds with red

    mini wod: 7:08

  • weighted pullups 5/10/15/20/25/30/35 kipping
    probably didn’t need to start so low
    6:52 on the mini wod
    nice job 5:30!

  • WPU’s
    Deadhang 5/10
    kippings – then by the 5’s up to 35 and just missed it… ugh. finished @ 32.5 – Randi was my inspiration!
    mini WOD: 7:00.

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