WOD: More fun from the games

Seven rounds for time of:
205 pound Clean, 3 reps
4 Ring handstand push-ups

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Highlights from the 2010 CrossFit Games, by CrossFit Again Faster – video [wmv] [mov]

5 Responses to “Wednesday

  • Julie
    14 years ago

    7 Rounds

    3 Cleans 85#
    4 HSPU w/2 ab mats

    5:16, maybe should have gone heavier on the cleans.

  • Stacy
    14 years ago

    7 Rounds
    3 Cleans 95#
    4 HSPU w/1 ab mat, I’d say 1 1/2 because I didn’t touch the mat every time.


  • Kristin
    14 years ago

    3 Cleans 75# (probably could have used 80)

    4HSPU w/3 ab mats 🙁 but it’s progress from the last time I did them on the box, I guess.



    Great job by the 5:30 class including the bonus run at the end!!

    Armando-amazing job with the actual ring HSPU!!!

  • First wod after vacation-I’m making progress with the HSPU- there’s a very small range of movement there, but hey, it’s movement along the wall.
    Lots of people taking strides forward and stepping it up.
    Lola and Stacy almost out of their bands, Kristin against the wall on HSPU….Nice!

  • 195# cleans
    HSPU with 2 ab mats or maybe a few would be 2.5 ab mats.
    However that range of motion is increasing. I think that HSPU can go on my arch nemesis list with pull-ups. In adding HSPU I will remove double unders from the list, since I am starting to feel like I can do double unders rather than double unders doing me! Great job by everyone at 430 trying to conquer the HSPU.