When an athlete begins a CrossFit workout, they know when it will end. Kids diagnosed with a catastrophic illness, like cancer, don’t know when it will be over. They don’t know if they’ll win or lose. They don’t know how many rounds they face, or even what they’ll look like afterward.

CrossFit, Inc. is driving hard to find cures for catastrophic childrens’ illnesses. Through the efforts of our affiliates and our athletes,the CrossFit community can be a game-changer in the fight against children’s cancer and other illnesses. Our ability to make change is infinite. Action is our responsibility.

Every cent that we raise will be used to fight catastrophic children’s illnesses. CrossFit, Inc. covers all administrative and clerical costs in this battle, which leverages your donation to its maximal effect. In this way, we’re more efficient, and we can deliver aid with high intensity and no waste. We can behave like CrossFit athletes even in our generosity.

This is ‘us,’ a movement comprised of the caring and capable, and not a faceless foundation. This is CrossFit, and this is OUR fight.

Through collaborative competition, CrossFit athletes will raise money in our Hope for Cures workout. Fundraisers will be tracked on our worldwide leaderboard; our work will be tracked in the extra days survived by sick kids. Objective, measurable, and motivating.

Here’s a direct link that will take them directly to my donation page:

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We like to welcome all of our new visitors this week!

-If you can’t find a parking spot in front please try out back.

-Please try to get here on time, so you can sign a waiver and we can properly warm you up.

-Bring workout clothes and something to drink.

Yes we are having a 5am and 6am classes tomorrow Thursday!

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