Do to inclement whether we will not have a 5am or a 6am. Sorry for the inconvenience.


15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
135 pound Power clean
Bar-facing burpee

Post time to comments.


6 Responses to “Wednesday

  • 10:45 rx that was a good one liked it alot. Good crowd for the weather.

  • Did this one at home tonight. Great WOD! Weight got heavy quick. Rx’d at 8:43. Missed my 5am peeps today! Get ready for 13.1!

  • Got through this one in 7:47. Great work by the 5:30 crew.

  • 8:03 for me. Oscar was right on my tail again. Great job everybody. I do not like this first open WOD. I hate snatches.

  • 14:17 rx’d 🙂 I was slow but I did it! 95# gets really heavy really fast! Still need to work on my burpees so they don’t slow me down so much in workouts, though I have noticed a vast improvement since I’ve been sticking to the burpee challenge! Nice job to all at the 6:30 “ladies only” class.

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