Tabata Something Else

Complete 32 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest where the first 8 intervals are pull-ups, the second 8 are push-ups, the third 8 intervals are sit-ups, and finally, the last 8 intervals are squats. There is no rest between exercises.

Post total reps from all 32 intervals to comments.

8 Responses to “Wednesday

  • Well that didn’t go as well as last time…321 total score. Great job Niki you crushed it today!

  • I was able to do this one at home. 336 just not the same as being in the box. Maybe some day I will be able to come back.

    • whats this “someday”? LOL! Great work, too!

      • I need child care and was just moved to second shift and not sure for how long. Trying to adjust to the new schedule.

  • score total was 401- and the tabata count was 43.

    I wasn’t enthused with my performance-(my tabata count was lower than when we did it june 27th)-specifically-my “low consistent rep” score was down…and my hands were hurting on the PU’s.
    It was great to have a “crew” at the 9am…everyone did great work today, pretty inspiring!

  • Awesome job everyone! My score was 394. I really struggled with my push ups and pull ups! They felt so hard after the third round. The 5 am was packed today! It’s great to see so many early birds/crazies 🙂

  • This was a toughie. I managed to get 376…seems kind of low, but those push ups were killer right after the pull-ups. But that’s the point, right? 😉

  • Made this one up on Thursday. Got 402 reps. Low reps were 8, 8, 13, 13. I also saw a really cool video of a bad ass chick rocking a muscle up like it was nothing!! You may know her as Stacy Crawford.

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