Clean and Jerk 3-3-3-3-3 reps  (begin with 75% of 1 rep max)

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7 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • C & J

    190/210/230/240×2(f d 3rd one)/225

    No problem with the Jerk…need to work with my Clean…Grea job by 9 class today.

  • 85-95-100(F)-100-85…form got really bad on the cleans at the 100# so went back to basics.
    Really liked the 3 rounds of box jumps, kb swings and jump-roping afterward. Made some good progress on my box jumps with Coach Lucas’ help.

  • clean and jerk
    75-80-85-90-95… I need to work on my form for this one. I don’t remember my time on BJ KB DU… it was long though. Funny class today with the 6 AM crew.

  • Did this one Thursday.

    95-105-115-125-135. Could have done a little more, didn’t really know where to start. Clean form is getting better…

    Cooldown 3 rounds of 15 box, 15 kbs, 45 single unders, 5:27

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