7 thoughts on “Wednesday

  • Warmed up with 5 at 155 then 225, 265, 275, 295 (new PR).
    7:15 on the metcom. The 5:30 class was killing it.

    • Jeff, even after making you laugh at the bottom of the squat you get a PR. How do you do it? What is the secret? ….beast!

      • Whatever Sean. When I drove past you while you were running my truck rocked as if it was being past by a tractor trailer.

  • Very cool to see a full gym-came it at 4:30 and see all the 5:30!
    BS 1+1+1+1+1 150/170/190/205/210PR

    Metcon-11:29 w/25#plate

  • Made this up on Thurs
    Back Squat – 165-175-185-195-205 x 1
    9:something on WOD…no plated lunges after the girls came in Thurs so sore…so yeah I chickened out 🙂

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