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OTCLogo_Chains2_TAbout Our Program

Off the chain fitness is a break off of the ordinary gym experience into a tailored program that offers initiative exercise skills as well as nutrition education. We are part of the CrossFit family as we meet at the box, but CrossFit is not for everybody and we have decided to break out and become off the chain! Everyday will be a new challenge as you get your sweat on with others that will encourage and motivate your fitness level! Classes are one hour and length and each month will offer a new theme! Fitness aspects include flexibility, endurance, cardio, strength, and agility. During your one hour class you will be educated on some aspect of the fit life you aspire to live, you will do a warmup, work on a new skill or improve on an old skill, engage in a 30-40 minute long structured tailor made workout, and end with a cool down. Break out and try something new with this fun and challenging off the chain fitness program!!!

**Please note, this is not a CrossFit class.  If you prefer a CrossFit class, please click here for the CrossFit schedule.

OTC Fitness  Schedule
Monday – Friday
8:00am – 9:00am

OTC Fitness Rates

Drop in for $8

  • 10 visit punch card for $50
  • 3 visits per week for 3 months for $149
  • 5 visits per week for 3 months for $249
Starts July 01, 2016

bootcamp medball sit ups
bootcamp squatsbootcamp plank


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