Laura…aka “LOLA”-

Lola was referred to UF by a friend in early 2009 and as most Crossfitters do, once she walked in she knew this was a fit for her!  She is always on the lookout to bring friends and family to introduce them to her fitness regimen.  Lola even brought her dad one Saturday morning (..and she whooped ’em :))

She continues to increase her strength and performance and recently met her goal to get “real” pullups by the end of Jan.

Lola is a student and works full time so you never know what time of day she will pop in but we thank you, Lola, for your eccentricity and the ray of sunshine you bring through our doors each day!

One Response to “UF SPOTLIGHT

  • Moses
    14 years ago

    Didn’t I see this chick on the news one time or something??
    Hmmmmm? Seems like stirring something or….ROWING! It was rowing! Now I remember! 😉