Tuesday-Share the Pain, Day 2

Come one, come all! Today’s open, free class times are 9am, 430pm, 530pm, 630pm….choose the one that’s right for you and get a workout in!

13 Responses to “Tuesday-Share the Pain, Day 2

  • Really liked today’s Wod. Good group at 5am-Liz,frank, and Linda. Glad that Phil was NOT there, only because that means he’s bringing Becky to share the pain in the p.m.! 🙂

  • I’m with Wendy – liked this WOD alot. Nice to see Linda and Frank again! Thanks Wendy for opening the gym early today 😉

  • Marcus
    12 years ago

    On the road again ….quick travel WOD this morning 50 Air squats, 30 Sit ups, 20 push ups, 30 Dumbel snatch 15/15 …2 rounds. Miss my 5 am group.

  • Linda
    12 years ago

    Woo! Ready to conquer the world! Liked that 5am today! Always great to work with my mentors, Wendy and Liz!

    Kim & John – As we pulled into home after our WOD, we ran into Jeannie, who was getting her morning walk in. She said she’s ready to GO crossfit!!! Told her this was the PERFECT week! She likes the thought of the 5 am. So, let’s go get her!

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    You 5am’ers must have still been asleep to “like” this WOD…I struggled. FGB movements have me scared already!

  • Linda! I’ll give you a bottle of prosecco for each Schroer you get to Crossfit! I’d even show up at 5 a.m. to do it with Jeanne! As far as today’s WOD – it’s a love/hate relationship….but I could say that about most WOD’s!

  • Worked with Double C on this WOD. He killed it. Time was 15:30ish and Double C 15 even. Great job to everyone at 430.
    I told some people but, I will after this week be taking a month or so off except for FGB6 and the fundraiser party 😀
    Keep up the hard work everyone!

  • Chrissy
    12 years ago

    Great WOD! Loved it! Even though my time sucked:(
    Finished in 19:02….blah…

  • Rachel Rosing
    12 years ago

    Surprised to see all the badass women second-guessing this WOD!
    Yeah, I saw your all’s times. You still killed it.
    Me- 14:29(?)
    And actually really liked it.
    Meaning I probably should have scaled up or moved faster.
    Got some back squat practice in tonight with Megan Shaver as my bar.
    Friends let friends squat them.

  • Ronan
    12 years ago

    did the workout in the am. 13:40, i think. 70lb KB. the 9am women kicked my butt.
    did DT in the PM, but scaled down from 155 to 135. glad the weather is starting to cool down.

  • shared the pain with my wife Becky. It was fun doing a workout together. missed the 5amers today. whos keeping time anyway?

  • Double C
    12 years ago

    Phil, it was great to see you and Becky tonight. Becky, we have to get you from Crossfitnky “Website Stalker”, to Crossfitnky family member! Wish I would have had the time to stay, I would have done that WOD again with you all.

    Sean, awesome working with you tonight, and I hope you make it back to CrossNKY soon. It is always good to be chasing you!

    Today’s WOD 15:00. My lungs were smoked after this one.

    Oh Yeah, and I killed the DROM’s for time before the workout.

  • 8 rounds on a repeating 3:30 clock:
    – 1 minute plank hold
    – 1 suicide (10, 20, 30, 40 yds)
    – 30 push-ups
    – rest for remainder of 3:30 and repeat.