Five rounds for time of:
155 pound Squat clean, 7 reps
14 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 pood

Post time to comments.

Congratulations to Stacy C. on the completion of her Level 1 Cert.

10 Responses to “Tuesday

  • Wendy
    12 years ago

    Great job, Stacy- I can’t wait to hear all about your cert!
    Today’s Wod Rx: time: 10:58
    Good crowd at 5am, Glad to see Becky has crossed over into the “dark” side, looks like she may be staying in the morning class.

  • Congratulations Stacy!

  • Kim D
    12 years ago

    Congratulations Stacy!

  • Will have to perhaps make this WOD up on Thursday. 🙁 Congrats Stacy on your level 1 cert!!!

  • Julie
    12 years ago

    Congrats Stacy!

    Hoping to get back to Crossfit soon, my back is making good progress after just a few physical therapy visits 🙂

  • Congrats Stacy on your level 1 cert!!!

  • Marcus
    12 years ago

    Great job Stacy on the cert …you Rock!!!!!
    Awesome 5 AM WOD …good solid crew with the new Convert Becky. Like I said “5 am all the cool Kids are doing it” …thanks Wendy for opening this morning …good to see Phil “Maximus”, Adam and Chris.

  • Sounds like a fun one today! Unfortunately tonight work is getting the best of me. This one I will make up Thursday for sure. Good Luck!

  • Stacy -Great Job on the Cert and today’s WOD!
    Week 2 of the Paleo Challenge – Lunch ideas and recipes are posted on the bulletin board! Share your recipes and feel free to post copies on the bulletin board!

  • Karin
    12 years ago

    Congrats Stacy!!!