Deadlifts. 3-3-3-3-3

Mini Wod

FGBVI Cornhole Fundraiser this weekend- info at the gym.

4 Responses to “Tuesday

  • The 5am class did a mish mash of things this morning. Great way to get the lead out on a “Tuesday/Monday” of sorts. Great job Phil and Adam on your lifts! Fun to work out next to Maddie, we were jump for jump for awhile :). Make it a great day!

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    Deadlifts 5×3
    185/195/205/215/225 x 3
    Mini WOD – 5:34

  • Still in Germany… be back next week.

    Got some volunteers for this one:
    5 Rounds:
    40 Sit-ups
    20 Box jumps
    20 incline push-ups
    (all with a 40 yard sprint between stations)

    My time was 13:34 and I was huffing and puffing pretty good due the amount of German beer I have drank since I’ve been here.

  • Rachel Rosing
    12 years ago

    Opted out of deadlifts since I did them on Sunday and my back is tore up.
    Sooo…finally learned to climb the f*ing rope!!!
    Subbed push press 55# for kb swings in tonight’s mini-wod
    Great job 4:30/5:30