“Snatch”- it’s not a dirty word!


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  • 5am did a metcon today, we shall snatch tomorrow!
    3 rounds:
    100m farmer carry. 53/35
    15 sdhp. 53/35lb kb
    15 sit-ups
    15 db one armed snatch (15x each arm). 35/25db

    Time:12:58. With 53lb kb sdhp and ghds

    Great fun to wake up with MarCus and Phil. 🙂

  • Marcus
    12 years ago

    Nice Tuesday WOD 3 rounds:
    100m farmer carry. 53lb, 15 sdhp. 53lb kb, 15 sit-ups, 15 db one armed snatch (15x each arm). 35# db Time: 14:19, Gotta beat Phil, Gotta Beat Phil … I have been chanting all morning. Thanks Wendy for opening “the box” and Phil for fighting the voices in his head and showing up …..

  • Laura
    12 years ago

    Great job already 5:00 am! Got my lazy rear out of bed this morning for the first ride of my Crossfit endurance program (Week 1 of 12) that I’m affectionately calling the “Biggest Thighs This Side of the River Program” I’ll be in tonight for a WOD, and move snatches to Friday.

    If anyone is interested in adding endurance to their crossift (KIM D & Chrissy mentioned it), here’s a link to the beginning of a 12 week program for new crossfit endurance trainers http://www.crossfitendurance.com/page/18/ I’m happy to share my program list that I’ve got all typed up, but its for biking, so runners/swimmers/rowers will be different.

    Also, yesterday’s WOD was…evil. My push presses were more like push jerks, and I fell off the box. All in all, 26:51 @ 85 lb press. Everyone did great, and it was inspiring to see Kristin rocking her pullups with her cute preggo belly! 🙂

  • Stacy
    12 years ago

    Well my snatches turned into “power” snatches today…

  • Is there a “Mini” WOD today?

  • The snatch was not pretty. Focusing on form and not on weight. Did the farmers carry mini wod in 6:56. Doug, Chris, Paul and Brian killed it.

  • Hamilton
    12 years ago


    Form and movement needs major work. Not sure if you even count the last one since I almost fell forward before recovering.

    6:06 on the miniWOD. Great job 530 class!!

  • Rachel Rosing
    12 years ago

    I knew I wasn’t really into snatch.
    65-75-85F-80-85F-85F-85F-85F-85F-85F-85F-85F-85F-85 but fugly.
    8:22 mini-WOD
    If someone sees my forearms in the parking lot, please return to me.

  • Well, I got another guy here (Hohenfels, Germany) to go to the base gym with me. We did a normal chest type of workout and then a “mini-WOD”.

    Flat/Decline/Incline bench (3 working sets each), Triceps push down and the mini-WOD (4 rounds: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats & 20 situps (on declining bench))

    I don’t know what our time was on the mini-WOD, but I was spent and I think he was near death (based on his comments and others).

  • Marcus
    12 years ago

    Hey Mark … greetings to my “Vaterland” hope you are having a good time over there.