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  • I will miss this tonight, but can’t wait to come and make it up on Thursday! Have a good one everybody!

  • ok, well time to let the baby out of the bag…
    Some of you know this already I’m sure, but Mark and I are expecting our first baby in January – and its starting to show. So between feeling really ill in late June, traveling all of July, and just getting back in to the hotbox, I’m definitely not in the same shape I was a few weeks ago. Sorry for crapping out on you all during Cindy 🙁 But, I am inspired by Kristin and Julie to keep moving, and while I feel outta shape, I do feel pretty good otherwise!! What I figure is that as I add more belly weight, I can calculate that to the bar weight and maybe get a total Rx weight workout for once! Will that count?

  • I KNEW IT!!! I couldn’t actually tell, but it seemed fishy that you’re attendance was so sporadic.

    P.S. According to your husband it does not count, but he & I have been disagreeing on how to count for baby for the past 7 months 🙂

    I’m so happy for you guys & so happy that you’re continuing to keep CF in your life! I’m convinced that it is the single reason that this baby has been so nice to me for the past 31 weeks 🙂 CONGRATS!!! Yah for Babies!!!!

  • Awww, congrats you guys 🙂 CNKY is going to be full of really cute babies, with all these lovely people having them!

  • Such fantastic news, Bridget & Mark! I am glad you got to see Kristin and Julie over the past months (7 & 9 respectively)- because we can tell people all we want about how great Xfit Moms is, but to see it is inspiring and allows you to really grasp it.

    I did Cindy today- first time with chest to ground pushups-
    15 rounds plus 8 pushups

  • Today I did Cindy and Diane.
    Diane was completed in 8:50 and I managed 15 + 3 pull ups before I wussed out over a ripped hand on Cindy.
    Today was a good day I think!

  • Great news Bridget and Mark! Congrats! BTW I’m with you on the HSPU Mark! I felt like a beached whale 🙁

  • Finished this little ditty at 6:09 which was 34 seconds better than last time! Love this workout.

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